About DeWallet

DeWallet includes two products: DeWallet Platform and DeWallet Extension

DeWallet Platform

DeWallet Platform is a feature rich asset management system for automating all of a Guild's work with scholars from invitation to NFT/token distribution to collecting and distributing revenue

DeWallet Extension

DeWallet Extension is the first of its kind Wallet that allows users to connect to games and play using NFT assets without actually owning them

DeWallet connects three points of the process: DeFi Games, Gilds and Gamers

FOR GUILDS The DeWallet Platform makes it much easier for Guilds to work with Scholars: guilds can send assets in a few clicks and withdraw them just as quickly and easily
FOR GAMES Native system integration with DeWallet Extension is very simple for Games, even easier and faster than integration with MetaMask
FOR GAMERS DeWallet Extension for Gamers is a easy process of obtaining assets from the Guild and a comfortable interface. All assets are secure and cannot be managed by users